Capital Cards

A limited NFT collection with every capital in the world. Get your beautiful and unique collectible.

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How do I get a Capital Card?

Download and install a browser plugin called MetaMask and buy or send some Ethereum to your wallet. Head over to the collection on OpenSea and connect your wallet to buy a card.

What is a Capital Cards?

Capital Cards is a uniquely created non-fungible token, also known as an "NFT". You can do what you want with them. You can enjoy them, trade with others or print them out and hang them up.

Why are they free?

We want to share what we have created and allow as many as people as possible to get into the NFT space.

How many Capital Cards exists?

There are currently 210 Capital Cards. One of our goals is to release even more Capital Cards so look out for them in the future.

What Blockchain are Capital Cards on?

All the Capital Cards are minted, stored and traded on the Ethereum blockchain.


Created by two friends who wanted to launch their first NFT project together. Hope you like it!


I'm Victor, I usually create mobile apps but this time I tried something new and created this unique NFT collection.


I'm Josh, I'm a digital marketer.

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